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Using recent progress in laser technology and in particular in the field of ultrafast lasers, we are getting close to accomplish the alchemist dream of transforming materials. Compact lasers can generate pulses with ultra-high peak powers from the Mega-Watt to the Tera-Watt, or even Peta-Watt ranges. These high-power pulses lead to a radically different laser-matter interaction than the one obtained with conventional lasers. Non-linear material responses are observed, opening new and exciting opportunities to tailor the matter in its intimate structure with sub-wavelength spatial resolutions and in three dimensions.

The Galatea Lab explores the use of ultrafast lasers as well as other means to locally tailor the physical properties of materials. The basic concept is to direct-write properties and functions in materials to turn them into sophisticated components and ultimately systems on their own.

Our research addresses both fundamental and applied topics. Our long-term objective is to develop the scientific understanding of how one can tune material properties at will. Our technology-oriented goal is to develop the know-how to create three-dimensional objects with nanoscale features, where for instance, optics, fluidics and micromechanical elements as well as active functions are integrated in a single monolith of material.

This research is supported by the European Research Council.


The Galatea Lab is thankful of the sponsoring of Richemont International SA. 


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